Tuesday, January 12, 2010

take a boat ride through the sky & play

A few days into 2010...

So far, things have been going steady. Last year was emotionally draining for me, but I'm pulling through and now taking things one day at a time. Entering a new year always gives me so much hope. No matter how terrible the previous year was, I still manage to look forward to the challenges and the surprises this one will bring. I feel like I'm being born again during this time, and, for once, change is something that I welcome.

I hope to be a better daughter, sister, friend, and girlfriend this year, and promise to make it a great year for me and for the people that I love. And hopefully, by the end of 2010, everything on this list will be crossed:

get a job that I'll love
listen to music more
sing, and, if possible, perform again
less crying
be more adventurous with food... eat properly
exercise... fit into the clothes I bought in London last year
take more pictures
blog more often
grow out bangs?
control temper and mood swings
eat breakfast, ergo wake up earlier
avoid biting lips (use petroleum jelly!)
dance with my boyfriend (he added this one)

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