Friday, March 19, 2010

everything in life is only for now

blue over sized shirt (w/ pockets!) from Zara
brown fur vest from Ukay Manila
leather boots from Hong Kong

Convi and I have been together for 19 months! Hooray! The other night, we took a break from school for him and work for me and watched Avenue Q. The soundtrack used to be my get up and go music back in college, and listening to it always brings a smile to my face, so I was excited to finally see it on stage. Good thing Atlantis Productions brought it back. They did a really great job, as expected, and I enjoyed it a whole lot!

I also managed to take a sneaky picture of the cute waiter we were stalking at Max's Restaurant in Glorietta, where we had dinner before the play. We're thinking he's a cross between Jericho Rosales and Mark Herras, what do you think? He seems to have matinee idol potential. Or at least somebody who'd get quite a few fans if he were to join Pinoy Big Brother.

Also, this vest is probably the softest item of clothing I've ever owned. BF couldn't help but run his hands over it every so often. I guess it felt like petting a dog. Huh. But it really does feel amazing against the skin! I'm pretty sure it's faux though, so don't report me to PETA.


  1. L' amore è eterno finchè dura... ;-)

  2. naaalala ko yung cute waiter sa cravings katipunan at yung kagat tinidor ni lei. HAHA

    btw, you have work na?

  3. That is a nice vest! I dont blame him! hahaha!
    But I love your blog; I must follow it!

    <3 G
    Trail Mix.

  4. @Pauline: sort of. i've been doing freelance work. i'll tell you about it soon, or maybe i'll write about it here. :)

  5. Ohh, that vest is so cute and romantic! :)

  6. love the oversized shirt with the boots!

    new follower ;)


  7. LOVE the oversize shirt, especially with those boots. It looks so comfortable! I may just have to start a search for something similar...LOVE IT.

    Great photos, as always!

    --chloe **

  8. the vest is just cute! and i love what you did to your hair! ;)

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    t o n

  9. love your boots and the vest is so darling <33
    nice pics too =D

  10. I love yor vest.. ! ;)