Monday, March 15, 2010

recent purchases

& not-so-recent ones but never worn because they've been buried under piles of shopping bags

When it comes to shopping, I'd like to think that I've more self-control now compared to when I was still in college. I don't work full time yet, and I don't get regular allowance from my dad anymore, so I can't be as impulsive as I used to be. I still do get a little overboard every once in a while, except now I've set a time frame for when I should shop and a limit of how much I should spend. I also make sure that I prioritize my wardrobe needs and not my wants, and I try to invest on key pieces rather than go for what's hot. Doesn't always go as planned though. Especially when I see the word SALE.
thrifted foral tube dress
floral top from Topshop
khaki pants from Zara
oversized blue shirt from Zara
both pairs of wedges from Schu


  1. SALES are evil!! HAHA! but those wedges are super pretty!

    i like your style! added u to my blogroll dear ;)


  2. i love the floral dress! and the denim-like shirt. :)

  3. um but these are all AMAZING for spring! don't feel so bad... I'm sure you'll get lots of wear out of all of them ;)

    PS. check out my blog:

  4. oh, i've not regrets at all! i'm excited to wear them!

  5. Collecting wedges is one of my shopping resolutions this year! Yours are just fab!

  6. Haha me too! I was going back and forth on buying a few things the other day and I just couldn't pass them up because they were on sale! Cute shoes and I love the floral prints!

  7. I was thinking of buying those wedges too! How are they? Are they comfortable?:)

  8. haven't gotten around to using them yet, tbh, but when i tried them on, they were pretty comfortable & light!

  9. Seeing a SALE almost always immediately turns me into my former SALE ADDICT. But how could you not be, especially when you find a gorgeous thrifted floral dress like that?! I LOVE it!

    Great post! I'll definitely look for you on lookbook.

    --chloe **