Monday, March 1, 2010

two lovely surprises

New lace curtains, and a random sweet gesture from my boyfriend.

I've had the same gray roman shades on my bedroom window for the longest time, and I finally decided they need to retire after six years. So, the other day, I replaced them with these beautiful lace curtains that my mom had custom made from our seamstress. The cloth was a lucky find too, because it was the last one at the fabric store, and it was at 50% off. I love how it makes my room look bigger and brighter!

Also, that night, right before my boyfriend got into his car to go home, he told me, "Brush your teeth, okay?" I said I'm too tiiiiired, but he insisted, "Brush your teeth!!!" I went to my bathroom to check if there was anything wrong with my toothbrush, and when I looked up, I found this written on the mirror! Aww! After a year and a half together, I'm glad he still manages to surprise me, and that he hasn't gotten tired of it. He's adorable.


  1. “It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.” ~ by someone

    LOvelY! My goodness,if I were twenty two I'd seek you out to be lifetime bff! You're a sweet girl with a sweet blog and I heart your style.

    (....was directed here via' my Facebook - Yummy thread) Luv' what you did with the dress! :p

    ~ R. Quin

    ps: Oh, I hope you wouldn't mind if I soon direct my FB lady friends to your blog. Some of them were my high school and college students. They would adore your site ( and learn a thing or two about good taste). Leave me word if you'd rather not.

    Thank you and enjoy your day! :)

  2. wow, that's probably the nicest thing anybody's ever said to me! thank you so much!!!

  3. Hey Gela! i was given a link to your blog and i love it. i love how you're sort of living the kind of life i wish i could have if i werent so busy with college and if i had the free time you had. :)

    I love how you write and how not every line is filled with "hahaha's" and "OMG" and the like. its refreshing. simple, cute and fun.

    I looove writing too. i love a lot of the same stuff you seem to enjoy actually, so i think we'd get along quite well. i just wish i could bake as well as you do (or at least as how the pictures you put up make it appear. haha)

    anyway, since ive got quite a lack of friends at the moment since everyone im close to have moved to the states, maybe i'll bump into you sometime! :) it would be pretty cool to have coffee and randomly meet up or something.

    add me on facebook! :)

    Polina Ralutin

  4. hello, Polina! thank you! you're so sweet. i don't usually add people i don't know on Facebook, but it'll be nice to get to know you more. i'll send you a private message in a bit. :)