Monday, April 12, 2010

Subic w/ college friends

I was in a really foul mood last week. Thankfully, I still had the energy to push through with the weekend getaway with some of my college friends (BF also tagged along). We had been desperate for a beach trip, and ended up in Subic because of time and budget constraints. Subic doesn't have the best beaches, unfortunately, but everywhere else was fully booked for the weekend, so we settled for one of the mediocre beaches with disgusting restrooms and crowded huts and expensive ice cream. At least everything turned out okay in pictures.

Still, thanks to good company, I had fun. I haven't seen them in more than half a year, so it was nice to catch up and hear about what they've been up to since graduation. Hopefully, by next year, we'd have saved up more money to spend on better beaches. Maybe get to travel out of the country together? Or at least outside of Luzon.


  1. looks like fun!
    one time, i was at a public beach with some friends and a guy friend said: Nevermind the stinky comfort rooms, you have the vast sea! haha! kalowka!


  2. Funny pics, i like it:)

    xo Factory Girl

  3. i love your photos. so light and dreamy. :)

  4. may nakita akong potipot resort. next time?

  5. @tinypaperheart: thank you! i meant to comment on your blog, but i couldn't figure out where i should leave one. anyway, your photos are beautiful! they make me happy. i'll follow you on Bloglovin k? <3

    @Pauline: ooooh. i'll keep that in my files. pwede rin tayo Cebu or Hong Kong kung galante tayo! hahaha.

  6. great style. lovely pictures and nice glasses!!

  7. I am always so excited to see fellow Filipinas!! I was just in the Philippines too! Love your blog btw.

  8. Cute photos. You are so pretty! I'm glad you had a fun vacation with your friends. It looks like a lovely time! :)

  9. adore the second; it's full of fun =D
    cute pics

  10. I love those beaches!! I love to visit there!! xxxoxoxo

  11. you are so gorgeous!
    love these photos
    love your blog too
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  12. Omg so amazing place:P
    :( here is ugly weather:O jealoussss
    your so damn pretty:)


  13. you are so beautiful!
    love these pics :)

  14. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Totally making me miss the beach, bikinis, and all things summer!
    (And I'm kind of craving some ice cream now..). :) Looks like a great time!

    chloe **

  15. Stop being so darn cute.


    ;) <3