Sunday, May 30, 2010

the gondolier

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore.
striped top from Zara
jeans from True Religion
clogs from Zara
boater hat from YRYS

Put this together in a rush yesterday without realizing I looked like a gondolier. Ohoho, well.

Went to get my hair trimmed yesterday. Just had a few centimeters taken off and had my bangs fixed. I usually cut it myself, but I've been genuinely lazy lately, so I went to James, who has been doing my hair since high school, bless him.

Right now, I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get back from Laguna, while listening to stereomood's nostalgic playlist. I'm incredibly bummed that summer's coming to an end in this part of the world. April and May flew by so quickly, but I suppose I've to let go of all the negativity I've been feeling and make the good times of the past few months push me forward.

Hope you all have a good week ahead!


  1. I think you look amazing Gela! And curse that blasted YRYS hat, I've tried it on several times but it just looks weirder and weirder on me. Azar. Hahaha.

    Aww. Sorry you're bummed about the summer ending! I for one am sick of the sweltering heat and now looking forward to the rain! (:

  2. Shoot, I totally forgot to reply to your question. About Parvati: I only got to try two things, the triple layer cheesecake and the strawberry cupcake thingy. Haha. The cheesecake's amazing! <3

  3. In connection with my post- your hair is seriously awesome. I mean, why wasn't I born with wavy hair? I tried with the perming crap but really it really doesn't look half as good.

    I think I love that Filipino's are more accepting of all hair types now. Do you remember that time when rebonding was all the rage? Yeesh.

    Anyway I think the outfit looks easy and summery. I didn't even think of the gondolier thing. Haha! I'm also glad to see the Zara clogs in action. They are a dream.

  4. Hi Gela! I got here thru Bestie (capriciousclub).I love your entries! I hope you dont mind if I start following you <3

    PS: you kinda look like hotness Rosario Dawson, teehee :D

    Lee []

  5. @Lee: haha! i get that a lot! thank you. :)

  6. Hi Gela! thanks for your lovely comments on our blog! No, we ar not twins =P, my sis has been busy with school so thats why she hasn't posted in a while, but she will soon..for now its just me!
    btw i love this outfit, I have been looking for the same hat for ages, but cant seem to find the perfect looks lovely on you though! :) xx

  7. Girl at least you made most of the summer with these amazing outfits! I'm positive there's more to come for winter, more layers! I love this outfit and you look fine! I love it. I love those straw hats!
    new post
    ps. Your past posts are gorgeous!

  8. cute!! =)

  9. i love the nautical feel of your top. it's my first time here and got here through bestie's blog too :)

  10. i love the hat!! and im wearing a nautical top right now :p hats like that go well with tops like this. :D

    {no, it's not about birds}

  11. Love love your blog, just came across it from vintage birdy :) Added you straight to my google reader!

  12. Nice pictures and lovely outfit!
    I follow you.

  13. You are so, so beautiful! I love this outfit... every bit of it :)

    Aya ♥

  14. Heya,
    Just discovered your blog... very cool. :)
    Do you know you look alot like Shannyn Sossamon? So jealous, wish I did.

  15. @MCR: i get that as well aside from Rosario Dawson! haha. can't possibly compare to such gorgeous ladies! thank you, dear. :)

  16. glad to have found you while browsing lookbook, fellow hats lover! :)