Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hey, boo-boo

white button-down top from SM Department Store
floral shorts from Crossings Department Store
white belt from Cintura
tan oxfords from Pill
red & white hat from Peppered Cherry

A few of my friends and I went to La Mesa Ecopark last Friday for a picnic. Never thought I'd appreciate the place, because I've heard a few bad reviews about it before and expected it to be crowded and dirty. But as it turns out, it's actually kinda nice!

We were supposed to go boating or biking after eating, but ended up just walking around and taking pictures (some of which are too embarrassing to post here, haha), which was fun too. (I don't know how to ride a bike anyway.) The park was starting to close as we were walking around, so we weren't able to explore the whole thing, but all in all, the park wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe I can drag Convi to go back there with me when we feel like going on a cheap and adventurous date.


  1. I want whatever food you're eating! Yum!

  2. Your outfit looks like so much fun.Love the floral print shorts and I don't know how to ride a bike either it should be on my "things to do this summer" list
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  3. This is one adorable outfit! I love the shorts

  4. Those shorts are stunning. It's like wearing a flower garden

    Christy From Dress Rehearsal

  5. Those shorts are awesome! And Ecopark sounds so fun. Boating and biking in the summer...

    I'll definitely check that place out. Thanks for posting about it! The pancit looks delicious. Just a question, did you guys bring your own food or are there stalls there?

  6. Yeah, I actually wanna go there on a date, too! Better go to Ecopark than QC Circle, which can get pretty crowded.

  7. @Kate: it's called pancit palabok! i don't eat it, actually. haha! but all my other friends really like it!

    @B: we brought our own food, but there are a few stalls there too!

  8. Hey there!
    I noticed your comment on SHINE BY THREE!
    She is wearing our black and whtie striped skirt!
    Please come check out the rest of our range cuz we also have a strapless dress version of the skirt! ITS HOT!

    PS I really like your posts!!! Keep going!!!!

  9. great outfit! i want your shorts! hihi! :)
    i've never been to an ecopark :s i dont think we have one here in cebu :s but the palabok looks rather nnyuuuuumy! :D


  10. so cute! those shorts are perfect on you :)

  11. @Toni: i'd rather have the beautiful beaches of Cebu!

  12. I have tela with red and green roses, which I'm going to make into a full skirt. Hmm... now I know they'll go with oxfords. ;P

    A from A + B in the Sea

  13. Really cute shorts! I love them.

  14. The outfit is AWESOME! Love all the pictures!

    xx rk

  15. those shorts are beyond adorable! love the new shoes too!!! glad you got both colors. haha.

    do send me some crazy love over at :)

  16. @Kookie: i couldn't decide which color i really wanted, so i got both!

  17. ha! and we used to tease geoc about her la mesa date with glenn.

  18. wahahaha! shh, don't tell Geoc!