Thursday, May 27, 2010


pink top/mini dress from Promod
thrifted high-waisted khaki shorts
thrifted lace cover up
leather belt from Zara
2-tone fisherman hat from YRYS
boat shoes from Renegade Folk

I'm glad that different kinds of hats are coming out nowadays and that more people here [in the Philippines] are actually wearing them. They used to be such an underrated accessory. Just a few years ago, wearing a hat meant getting stared at like you've done something wrong, when you're actually the one making sense, especially with the intense heat in this country. Filipinos are generally shy, I guess, and at times afraid to stand out. But now, I think the increasing public appreciation of hat-wearing proves that we're slowly coming out of our shells when it comes to fashion.

I collect hats, and I've been going out of my mind lately because I seem to be seeing a lot that I like and have been finding it hard to control the urge to buy them all. Still, I ended up with three new hats to add to my collection that I probably won't be able to wear regularly, but ah, what the heck.

hats from YRYS


  1. I can't believe that hat is from YRYS. I would not even think to look there. How did you spot it? Great find! :)

    Your post was spot on. I'm still too shy to wear my boater hat indoors. I'll try to work on that.

    Also I like the color palette of your outfit. It's very fresh to look at. I'm still waiting to see your white Zara wooden sandals in action though! :)

  2. hey, B!

    i don't usually go inside YRYS, but ever since my boyfriend & i found out that his cousin's hat (the same one i'm wearing here) was from there, we've been going back to check for hats!

    i generally don't wear hats indoors too, except for beanies. but i do take advantage when the sun's out!

    and i've actually worn the Zara clogs w/ this outfit as well. i've walked around it a couple of times already, & i can confirm that they're ok to wear for a whole day! (or maybe i just have high tolerance for pain? haha)

  3. i love all your hats! and your outfit is so perfect for the start of summer. you got some totally rad style girl!

  4. Nice blog, nice pictures, nice outfits
    I'll come back !

  5. so cute :)
    and i'm loving that hat!
    thanks for the gorgeous birthday wishes missy!

  6. @Hannah: summer's actually ending over here tho! sad.

  7. oh my goodness! the hats! from which YRYS branch did you get them?

    i looooove the outfit!!! that lace vest is a dream!

  8. @Kookie B.: i got them from the Trinoma & the Sta. Lucia branches. totally unexpected!

  9. Gela, you are adorable! I love the hats! I'm a hat person too and I do think that people here should embrace wearing such an outfit-changing piece. :)