Wednesday, May 26, 2010

new laptop!

After months of persuasion, my dad finally got me a new laptop last Sunday! Yay!

I'm not particular when it comes to specs or brands. As long as I have a working laptop, I'm good. My old one had been relying on life support for over a year, and I could barely work on it anymore because it ran extremely slow and kept shutting down. I'm very happy with this one so far.

What I really wanted was pink, but the store didn't have any on stock, so I opted for blue instead, which is a good color too. My boyfriend and I added clouds and a boat for fun. Also, MACARONS! Teehee.

Help me think of a name! I've decided to name her Cielo, which means sky or heaven in Italian and Spanish. (Yes, I name my things. I'm a dork.)


  1. Blue for a boy? Russell, Carl, Kevin, Dug... hahaha I'm an Up fan! :D

  2. The blue is very pretty and I especially like the clouds and sailboat that you added! A fun touch!

    Hmm, something sailor-ey like Skipper. Haha

  3. hi,what 's the model of your laptop:),i'm looking for a laptop -:)

  4. @Maureen: it's a Dell Inspiron. :)

  5. i love the clouds and sailboat, Gela! my brother and sister have dell minis and they're just the cutest.. in every sense of the word. working on a mini is just hard. hihihi!

    your macarons wallpaper looks rather nyummy! :)


  6. i actually name my things too. i even have a name for my earphones. lol.