Saturday, May 22, 2010

Potipot Island, Zambales

After more than a month of constantly nagging my friends and flooding them with angry Facebook messages, the beach trip I had planned for us finally happened last weekend (and with zero casualties!). Because we're all cheap asses, Boracay, Cebu and Palawan were not options, so I took us to Zambales instead. I had been curious of Potipot Island anyway.

Getting there was long and a little tiring, especially since 13 of us crammed ourselves in a van. We spent almost seven hours on the road, because of heavy traffic and four stopovers, but we got to Candelaria, Zambales in one piece. Although there was a tiny complication when we got to the resort (MY NAME WASN'T ON THE RESERVATION LIST), everything turned out okay, thank goodness, or else I would've blown my top off. In the end though, the stressful planning and the heart attacks were worth it for those two days of sand, sea, booze, and awesome company!

And because I was too lazy to whip out my cameras throughout the whole trip, and also because I have the right to for being such a wonderful travel agent, I've stolen pictures from my friends.

P.S. I look so dark and macho. I'm like an amazona.


  1. Beaaach! <3 How do you keep your belly so flat and skinny?!

  2. Yep, you are a fit amazona though :)

    Haven't heard of this beach yet. I always learn something new from your posts! Haha

  3. @Lauren: BEST COMMENT EVER. I LOVE YOU. but really, it's called not breathing. haha!

    @B: Potipot is just a tiny island that's like a 5-minute boatride from Candelaria, Zambales. it's nice. not Palawan nice or anything, but it's quiet & simple, especially when the crowd started to thin later in the afternoon!

  4. Ahh...i TOTALLY miss the beach..:(

    love this post! makes me want to DITCH classes and head for the sands!

    chloe **

  5. Great beach photos! Love the one with the sunset. <3

    And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! =^.^=

  6. your comment was hilarious! thanks sweets!

  7. haha trust you dont on the macho thing!! its funny because you might feel that way and other people feel the complete opposite as I dont think you do...but I ALWAYS feel like that too cause i have such broad it sucks...anyways...truly rambling right now...beautiful pictures hehe :) and thanks for passing through!! >.<

    Lindsey Mak

  8. I love the sky in your first photo. It looks so mysterious and beautiful. Nice photos :)

    Christy from
    Dress Rehearsal

  9. @PrettyLittleNonsense: YES! my wet butt print! hahaha.