Sunday, May 2, 2010

welcome back, Enzo!

long white knitted vest from Preview
pink top/mini dress from Promod
brown shorts (hidden) from People are People
my relentless rolled down thigh highs from Mango
leather boots from Hong Kong
bag from H&M

The other day, I watched Iron Man 2 with a bunch of friends and mutual friends to welcome our good friend Enzo back from Canada. I really enjoyed the movie, considering I didn't watch the first one and could care less about anything related to comic books (much to my geeky boyfriend's dismay). It was pretty good based on my low standards and zero expectations. Then again, RDJ is always entertaining to watch, and, I must admit, Scarlett Johansson was very hot. I guess I can understand my boyfriend's sharp intakes of breath each time Black Widow showed up on screen.

We all trooped to Enzo's house afterwards for a sleepover. This involved snickering over Pirates 2 (the one that doesn't star Johnny Depp, HEHEHE), an intense game of Cranium, and some rum and tequila. I didn't drink much, but I woke up zombified the next day, because I stayed up listening to the boys talk till 5 a.m. Interesting stuff. When I got home in the afternoon, I went straight to bed without showering and still in the same clothes I was in the day before. Ewww. Really fun night though!

(You can tell how incredibly mature we are in the next photo.)

It was a great end to the month of April. Now, it's May and halfway through the summer. I'm starting to feel anxious about the impending decisions I have to make in the near future, but till then, I hope I can have more fun!

Some photos courtesy of Cai and Favis.


  1. Whoa I'm mentioned! :)) Nice!

    Had a blast too, we should do that again!

    - Javis

  2. kinilig ka? :> hahaha!

    definitely! board games night!!!

  3. Hay girl! How are you?
    It's my first time on your blog and I really like it! Nice pictures and style.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!

    Love, Cindy.

  4. Lol Javis and I are honoured to be mentioned :p

    Showers are awesome. I showered twice yesterday because I could hahaha

  5. found your blog through lookbook
    i love your outfits dear. pinay ka? i am :)
    come follow mine?

  6. You look great.Love the boots and your hair.I agree,Scarlet Johnson is stunning
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  7. I love that vest and your hair.. though especially your hair, it's so beautiful! Definitely great to see another filipino blogger out there. Great photos xo

  8. i love sleepovers! this post made me miss my highschool girlfriends! D:

    haven't seen Iron Man 2 yet :s
    i love your boots Gela! ;)


  9. awww, great photos!

  10. I love sleepovers! Looks like you had fun :)

  11. i LOVE your boots!!! :D
    thanks for the sweet comment!
    stop back soon :) xx

  12. i really love your blog.. and i love it so much, you have such a good style, im following you with blog lovin.. would you check out mine and follow me back?? ill appreciate it so sooo much,
    kiss and hug, callista

  13. Supercute outfit! I love the boots! :)

  14. awww cute outfit! love the fluffy vest and the boots + socks combo! romantic <33

  15. love the white vest!
    and i want to see iron man 2 soon!

  16. i LOVE this outfit! the boots, the tall socks, the vest, sooo cute. love love love, this site never ever disappoints me when i'm looking for inspiration!

    chloe **

  17. Super cute outfit!

  18. gorgeous photos! i love what you are wearing here!


  19. love this outfit and your blog! following you!

  20. i love your top! it's very cute