Monday, December 13, 2010


Laziest outfit ever: over sized sweater from Archive Clothing, white Mary Janes from Muji, bag from Zara, heart ring from Ring Apartment

Ollo (vague Megamind reference for you there)! Since Gela is currently in an epic battle with Me & My Katamari on the PSP, today's post will be written by me, Gela's loving boyfriend, trusty photographer, and number one fan, Convi (see above photo of strapping young fellow overly excited by the sight of a white Christmas tree)!

I planned to surprise her last Saturday by treating her to an early monthsary lunch date at this new restaurant I heard of on the radio -- The Real Thing Diner over at Il Terrazzo in Tomas Morato. I think it's the first Coca-Cola themed restaurant in the country, and the dishes include Coca-Cola products as ingredients! The store displays all sorts of trinkets and merchandise, a lot of them featuring those lovable, fluffy polar bears and their bizarre (and probably unhealthy) fondness for Coke.

The rest of the afternoon was spent window shopping for wax seals at Eastwood Mall, where we ended up in CCA Kitchen for dinner, due in large part to the "splurge on salad" that comes with every entree. For clarification: unlike Gela, I am actually capable of consuming uncooked vegetative matter, especially when combined with loads of their delectable Asian dressing, plus croutons and fried wanton chips stolen from the soup bar.

After eating, we went back to her place to continue our lives as the world's most boring couple, mostly watching downloads of 30 Rock (ME WANT FOOD!).

The Real Thing Diner

A placemat! The whole restaurant coincidentally matched Gela's outfit.

Also, look: CHOOKIES!

Strawberry Milkshake

Spicy Sarsi Wings

Sarsi Fish N' Chips

Ginger Sprite Tiger Prawns LITTLE SHRIMP THINGIES

CCA Kitchen

Cheese Sticks

Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Prawns (note: this is what real REAL prawns look like)

Le Cordon Bleu Chicken

Surprisingly, both meals cost roughly the same amount. Now which one would you rather spend on?

P.S. We also tried fried chicken and waffles the other day at Pancake House, which I throughly enjoyed, but that's another story/argument.

P.P.S. Hey guys, this is Gela. Sorry you had to go through that possibly painful experience, hahaha. I was busy playing my game and eating peanuts, so I told Convi he could write my post. I DIDN'T THINK HE WOULD TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY. (Like that time he hijacked my Looklet.) Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the stupid title. Also, CHOOKIES!


  1. Amazing outfit, as ever!!!^_^
    You're a very beautiful girl and the red color is perfect on you!!!
    I like this pics!!!*_*

    xoxo, Grazia.

  2. aww so he wrote this blog entry! haha suwweeet <3

    anyway, love the food photos as usual! and the outfit <3

    visit my blog too :)


  3. How cute. He should "guest blog" again. =)
    Love the mary jane flats.

  4. HAHA HI CONVI. What an appropriate title given that you've posted more food pictures here than you have in all your other entries combined, methinks. :)) DID THE SARSI WINGS & FISH & CHIPS TASTE LIKE SARSI?

    You know, Gela, I think Convi's dressing a lot better these days. Influence? :>

  5. Aw, this was a pleasant surprise :) I just love that he says he is your number one fan! And his outfit is pretty great too. Very slick!

    I like your cozy sweater and the quirky pattern on it. Yes to Christmas dressing! Also been wanting to shop at Muji. I love their simple stuff.

    Bea from A plus B

  6. Sweet post! Gela's sweater is everything awesome. Looks so cozy!

    And those grilled prawns look delectable! Must try!:)

  7. HAHA Convi why do you sound like a maitre d'?

    Gela, I hate you forever for that jumper :| But you look great and incredibly cute in it! We should go out with you wearing that and me wearing my festive green Christmas dress from Tokyo :))

  8. i love your dress. very cozy! :)

    but most of all, i super love your smile. you got a lovely smile. has anyone told you that? i guess so. who wouldn't notice right?:)ok now i sound like a guy making pacute to a girl. hahahaha

  9. hi gela.. such a sweet post. props to convi.
    gorgeous, everything. esp you. :)

  10. hahaha you guys are so funny! :D tlagang may disclaimer pa sa dulo.

    ang liit naman ng tiger prawns na yun. hahaha

  11. @yuniseeeena: I know right?

    Aaaw. That was what I was about to say. ang sweet ng post na ito. it kinda gives us an idea what kind of couple you guys are. The fun and sweet ones. KILIG!

    Melai of Style and Soul

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    I love your blog and I hope that you like mine too :-)
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    xoxo, fanny.

  13. Kari: that's all him. <3

    Dred: i'm so kilig!!

  14. Haha, this post had me cracking up!! I liked the boyfriend as a little guest blogger, I must say! Also, I love the sweater. It looks incredibly comfy!

  15. lovely outfit and yum your food pics have made me decide to go take a trip down to my fridge for left over chinese food! now following you :)


  16. u are so pretty ;*

    if U want follow me and write comment ;**

  17. You are so gorgeous! You have a beautiful smile and I love this outfit, I do.

    PS. Merry Christmas! :)

  18. HAHA this is so cute that ur bf wrote ur blog post! :) And I would love to try that coca cola restuarant, it looks delicious! :) And I love that sweater!

    <3 Kelly

  19. You look so cute! I love your sweater dress darling!

    Lovely blog!


  20. Amazing photos! You look gorgeous in red! your smile reminds me of Vanessa hudgens, except you're prettier :)

    ninin of

  21. Haa - He did a great job! ;) Throughly enjoyed it. I haven't visited your site for ages, I've missed so much! You look fab as always, (and you are def. not America's most boring couple). You always make me smile.

    ** And holy crap. That strawberry milkshake is calling my name. Right now. :))

    chloe **
    **GIVEAWAY time! :))

  22. You look so adorable, what a cute sweater! And now I want to go to that restaurant. Actually, any restaurant with food like that. :)


  23. Ok, I couldn't stop laughing when I read the P.S. and the P.P.S! Hahaha! This is such a good read.

  24. aaaw cute sweater ^^
    and those foodie looks goodie alright! :D