Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just a quick hello

blue button-down top from Zara
white tank top from Preview

khaki pants from Zara
brown wedges from Schu

Spent the first few days of summer breaking into clothes and shoes that I haven't worn, and eating more than I usually do in a week. Took a well-deserved break from work, and spent the entire weekend with my boyfriend and his maternal clan, where I got thrown into various family gatherings (i.e. Convi's sister's dance concert, his cousin's birthday, and his other cousin's high school graduation). Kind of embarrassing to be intruding in such intimate events, but Convi's whole family made me feel very welcome, so I had lots of fun.

Right now, my mom's in Cebu, my dad's at work, I'm all alone in this house and have to work on more articles. But on the brighter side, Convi and I will be baking tomorrow, Mom's coming home on Friday, and I received this appropriate postcard from my sister all the way from Europe. All is well.

Hope you all have a blessed Holy Week!

Sunday, March 21, 2010's beauty & fashion channel

I recently started doing some freelance work, and this is one of the things I've been busy with lately. I'm a contributing writer for the Beauty and Fashion channel of The Philippine Online Chronicles. I'm honored to be given this opportunity to work alongside wonderful ladies, Alex, Kira, Lauren, Mara, and Tanya, and under an awesome editor, Liz.

I'm not much of a writer, to be honest. Writing can be difficult, I realized, especially when you're uninspired and can't express yourself properly. But good thing the topics that I write about are well within my interests, so the words eventually flow out, and, thankfully, I still manage to come up with something.

I think this is going to be a really great experience. I work at home and at my own time, so it's convenient too. I haven't any published articles yet, but I've got a couple I'm doing for the month of April, so I'm both nervous and excited for that. I've a deadline coming up in about a week, and I've barely started. Gaaah.

I'm not the one to plug anything on my blog, but this is work, so please do check us out at POC! Here's an overview of the past week:

Friday, March 19, 2010

everything in life is only for now

blue over sized shirt (w/ pockets!) from Zara
brown fur vest from Ukay Manila
leather boots from Hong Kong

Convi and I have been together for 19 months! Hooray! The other night, we took a break from school for him and work for me and watched Avenue Q. The soundtrack used to be my get up and go music back in college, and listening to it always brings a smile to my face, so I was excited to finally see it on stage. Good thing Atlantis Productions brought it back. They did a really great job, as expected, and I enjoyed it a whole lot!

I also managed to take a sneaky picture of the cute waiter we were stalking at Max's Restaurant in Glorietta, where we had dinner before the play. We're thinking he's a cross between Jericho Rosales and Mark Herras, what do you think? He seems to have matinee idol potential. Or at least somebody who'd get quite a few fans if he were to join Pinoy Big Brother.

Also, this vest is probably the softest item of clothing I've ever owned. BF couldn't help but run his hands over it every so often. I guess it felt like petting a dog. Huh. But it really does feel amazing against the skin! I'm pretty sure it's faux though, so don't report me to PETA.

Monday, March 15, 2010

recent purchases

& not-so-recent ones but never worn because they've been buried under piles of shopping bags

When it comes to shopping, I'd like to think that I've more self-control now compared to when I was still in college. I don't work full time yet, and I don't get regular allowance from my dad anymore, so I can't be as impulsive as I used to be. I still do get a little overboard every once in a while, except now I've set a time frame for when I should shop and a limit of how much I should spend. I also make sure that I prioritize my wardrobe needs and not my wants, and I try to invest on key pieces rather than go for what's hot. Doesn't always go as planned though. Especially when I see the word SALE.
thrifted foral tube dress
floral top from Topshop
khaki pants from Zara
oversized blue shirt from Zara
both pairs of wedges from Schu

Saturday, March 6, 2010

a very merry unbirthday to me

hat from YRYS
brown cropped top from a long time ago, I don't remember
lightwash button tapered pants from DarkWhite
white belt from Cintura
brown wedges from Charles & Keith

Two of my best friends from high school celebrated their birthdays last Friday, and treated a bunch of us to dinner and a movie at Trinoma. We watched the non-3D version of Alice in Wonderland. Didn't really have any expectations from the movie, so it wasn't so bad. Helena Bonham Carter did it best for me!

A few of them went out for drinks afterwards, but I didn't want to stay stay out too late, because I'm a grandma I was driving my boyfriend and myself, so we both decided to just go home.
But I did bring with me some nice takes from that night c/o my Polaroid camera. I thought I'd share a few pictures of my friends and self-timer shots with Convi at the parking lot.

Monday, March 1, 2010

two lovely surprises

New lace curtains, and a random sweet gesture from my boyfriend.

I've had the same gray roman shades on my bedroom window for the longest time, and I finally decided they need to retire after six years. So, the other day, I replaced them with these beautiful lace curtains that my mom had custom made from our seamstress. The cloth was a lucky find too, because it was the last one at the fabric store, and it was at 50% off. I love how it makes my room look bigger and brighter!

Also, that night, right before my boyfriend got into his car to go home, he told me, "Brush your teeth, okay?" I said I'm too tiiiiired, but he insisted, "Brush your teeth!!!" I went to my bathroom to check if there was anything wrong with my toothbrush, and when I looked up, I found this written on the mirror! Aww! After a year and a half together, I'm glad he still manages to surprise me, and that he hasn't gotten tired of it. He's adorable.