Monday, August 23, 2010

the bees at two

For planning surprises that end up getting ruined by yours truly,
for saying that I'm beautiful even when I have eye bags, uneven bangs, a chipped tooth, and zero make up on,
for adoring me even if I can devour a dozen donuts in less than an hour,

dress from Ukay Manila
clogs from Zara
boater hat from YRYS

for enjoying the little things with me, like the lighting in your family's new condo,
for patiently taking my pictures and being my number one fan slash cheerleader (in all aspects),
for being my anchor and always keeping me on my toes,

for our countless food trips, pigging out until we can't breathe, and ordering meals meant for a family of five,

for being silly and going on secret adventures with me,
for doing the most unexpected things, like keeping text messages from the past two years (!),
for making last week completely awesome,
and every single day something to look forward to,

thank you, b!


a hung over queen bee

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ring Apartment

Lookie what came for me in the mail!

A couple of weeks back, as I was browsing through Tongue in Chic, I discovered these brilliant rings created by Malaysian-based store, Ring Apartment, which I instantly fell in love with and immediately took a chance for. Apparently, the stuff I ordered has been in the post office for the past two weeks, so I finally claimed my package this afternoon, and I'm happy to report that the acrylic rings are completely unharmed and absolutely adorable in actual as expected!

umbrella ella ella

Are they not just the cutest things you've ever seen? They were pretty friendly on the wallet, too. The downside though is that I don't think I should be wearing them so often, because they look very fragile, and I can be quite clumsy. Then again, that won't be much of a problem since I don't wear accessories a lot anyway. Still, I'm excited over this new addition to my small but growing collection, so this is me showing them off!

Saturday, August 7, 2010 Style Files

I'm featured on's Style Files! Thank you, Candy! I have now partly fulfilled my high school dream of being a Candy girl. Aw yeah. (Funny story: When I was 15, I sent an entry that included a really, really bad portfolio to Candy's Teen Model Search, because I had this deluded idea of becoming a model. HAHAHA. Of course, nothing happened, but oh, the things we did in high school.)

Anyway, I think I got a little talkative in the questionnaire they sent, so I hope I didn't come off as douchey or anything. Haha, oh well. You can check out the whole thing here!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

roll on to something good

Met up with Convi in the morning, and we had breakfast at Cravings in Katipunan, where they have this breakfast buffet worth P188 per person. It comes with a set meal of your choice and includes unlimited rounds at their breakfast bar, which really isn't at all bad for the price. Some bits of what we ordered were strange-looking, but the food was okay overall. I think we got what we paid for, and any buffet this cheap is awesome in my book!

We trooped to the Della Strada Parish afterwards to visit a friend. It had been long overdue, so I'm glad we decided to pass by. We didn't stay long though, because Convi still had to go to class, but it was a nice, quiet time with Gab. We said a short prayer, and left after a couple minutes of sitting on a bench and making finger armies. I hope we can visit him more regularly and with more of our friends. It's been nearly two years since, and we continue to miss him every single day.

Of course, my rainbow ring would be upside down.

In the afternoon, my mom, my sister, and I headed over to Dangwa. Dangwa is the flower market located in Sampaloc where most flower shops in Metro Manila source their flowers. We went there to scout flowers for my sister's wedding, which will be held in February, and we're definitely sold on getting it directly from there, since it's probably the cheapest place to get them.

The whole area is pure, unadulterated feast for the eyes, and it's not even Valentine's Day or anything! I can imagine what it would be like during peak season. No doubt it would be an even more eyegasmic experience.

Also, I learned that paper roses is in fact a kind of flower and not just the song. Amazing.

Someday, I'll fill my own house with these: food, friends, family, and flowers! Then I'll know I've lived a good life.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

weardrobe spotlight

Wow, I'm weardrobe's spotlight blogger of the day! I don't even update that much, but what a thrill it is to be chosen. And to think that I stalked some of my favorite fashion bloggers through their features! Such a great honor. Thank you, weardrobe!

It feels kind of weird to see my face on the site's sidebar though.

Monday, August 2, 2010


peach dress from Playground Love Shop
blue button down top from Gap
suede boots from Playground Love Shop
rose messenger bag
hat from YRYS

Other than sewing in the morning and then a bit of window shopping in the afternoon, I spent today whoring myself to food. I ate two bacon sandwiches, a Whopper Jr., chicken tenders, fries, fried siomai piled on top of probably two cups of rice, and Razon's halo-halo. Right now, I'm attacking a pack of Hershey's Kisses. I am a bottomless pit.

Good thing I wore a loose dress today that made space for all the junk I put in my belly. God.