Sunday, September 12, 2010

stuck in summer

white tube top
floral skirt from Upper East Side
hat from YRYS
belt from YRYS
black booties from eBay

Everybody's raving about the upcoming fall season, but as much as I'd love to do the same, Manila weather discourages me to do just that. Honestly, how can you enjoy layering clothes and putting on tights when you know you're going to get covered in buckets of sweat as soon as you step out of the house? It's understandable with maybe the occasional rain, but, even with that, it can get incredibly humid over here. So, I really have no choice sometimes but to be stuck in summer with my floral skirts and straw hats.

I'll probably be more enthusiastic around late October or November with Christmas just around the corner and all. But I guess, for now, my favorite (and really dirty) old black booties will have to suffice in slowly welcoming imaginary autumn in the Philippines.

Monday, September 6, 2010

gangsta lovin'

gray tank top from Cotton On
denim jacket
jeans cut into shorts from Freeway
black booties from eBay
tortoise glasses from Whipped Tee Couture
rings from Forever21 & Anagon
beanie from Japan Home Center (whutup!)

One Thursday afternoon, Convi and I pretended that E. Abada Street was the ghetto for a while, in which we took advantage of the late afternoon lighting, and where he decided to make me pose like this. The only thing that's missing is a pair of hoop earrings.

The next ones were meant to be maangas (what's maangas in English??), but clearly, we lack communication, haha!

Before all this, we had a craving for hot wings, and ate at an old favorite along Katipunan. This time around, we ordered just five wings for the two of us, which is technically 10 all in all, but here's a fun trivia: we used to be able to finish 20 wings total. Yeah. These days, we're trying to be more healthy. Not.

We also had wicked oreos (deep fried oreos with vanilla ice cream, mmmm) for dessert that Convi said he was just going to get a little piece from, but instead got more than his supposed share. He even debated that I had already finished mine and that what was left was his, which was NOT TRUE. Tsk! Food is very serious business to us.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

walk walk fashion baby

So, here's my long overdue but brief explanation of what I vaguely mentioned before (cf. here and here). This is the thing that's keeping me preoccupied these past few months. It's been a long time since I decided that I wanted to (I don't want to use this phrase, but it's the best I can think of at the moment) pursue this passion of mine, but it had taken me a couple of restless months before actually pushing through with it. When my parents finally gave in to funding it, I just went with my gut.

I've been a ~*sparkle*~fashion student~*sparkle*~ at LaSalle College International for almost three months now, and although I feel like the path I've chosen is still a bit raw and uncertain, I'm taking my chances and plan to enjoy every bit of it. All I can really do now is constantly remind myself to give my very best, and leave everything to faith.

Here's to three weeks left of sewing, textile, pattern making, and drawing. The first round, at least. On to the next! I've never been more hungry and excited to learn in my life! But patience, Gela.

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