Friday, October 29, 2010

need to recharge

Sure fire way of getting sick overnight: get zero sleep, and then spend a whole day lugging two heavy bags around the mall while stressing and crying over how terrible October was.

Gaaaah, I hate this yucky feeling prior to the actual colds, when my throat only just starts to feel scratchy, and I suddenly feel light-headed and tired. It's such bad timing, too, since I'm flying out in the morning for a trip to Cebu with my parents. I hope I don't end up sleeping the whole weekend!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

26 months & some pretty things

Last Wednesday, Convi and I had a lunch date at Bonifacio High Street, and we decided to check out the new and first Muji that recently opened there. Lots of neat things, but we ended up buying nothing. It depressed us a little bit, but we promise we'd go back next time with vengeance and with more money.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

beneath the moon & under the sun

lace top from online (I don't remember where!), black asymmetrical skirt turned dress from Preview, belt from YRYS, Cartier bag from my boyfriend's mom, clogs from Zara, leather jacket from London, mahogany booties from Dressed to the Nines

I had to come up with a day to night outfit last Tuesday for a day of Twister Fries and Life As We Know It with my boyfriend, and then a night of partying with his college friends. It took me a long time to figure out what to wear, actually, since I don't usually party therefore only had a vague idea of how party pa-party party pa-party people dress, but I looked appropriate, I think.

After college being over for more than a year and a half now, let me confess something. I've never been to a college party (or anything remotely similar) before until that day! I never liked the idea of the whole drinking, sweaty dancing, and loud music thing. Heck, I never even went to a single soiree back in high school (cf. Note). Am I a loser or what?

(Note: For most private high schoolers in the Philippines, the term "soiree" refers to a party or a gathering where girls and boys from different schools meet to, well, basically flirt interact. More often than not, they'd come from all-boys and all-girls schools, so I guess it's one of the best ways to meet the opposite sex. I don't know how they do it nowadays, but as far as I know, in my time, it would involve ice breakers, a bit of pretentious drinking, and exchanging of cellphone numbers. I suppose now you have the magic of Facebook to help you out. They have it so easy these days!)

Anyway, back to Tuesday. I tagged along with Convi to this sem-ender party his college hosted at Bed Space Bar in Greenbelt, and I surprisingly had a lot of fun! I thought I'd be complaining halfway through the night, but turns out, it wasn't at all bad. Not that I'm going to start heading towards the nearest club/bar and go wild, but I do see how it can be a great way to unwind.

I suppose I don't mind doing it again! For the sake of anthropology.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

WAGW sale

Hey, all! What A Girl Wants will be holding their big sale starting tomorrow, October 15, till October 31, and they've got a special treat for us. Apart from the amazing markdowns waiting (up to 75% off!), you and I are entitled to an additional discount of P100 for every P1000 purchase of sale items, and all you have to do is present this golden ticket.

So, be sure to print out your own coupon, and drop by any of the following WAGW branches:

3rd Floor, the Gallery, Robinsons Galleria
2nd Level, Paseo Ciudad, Ayala Center Cebu
2nd Floor, Main Wing, SM City Cebu
1st Level, West Promenade, Liketkai Cagayan de Oro City

Guard your wallets, everybody, and brace yourselves, because I think it's going to be a crazy shopping weekend! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fashion Jinx

Thank you, Fashion Jinx, for the feature! I feel warm and fuzzy inside, and if my boyfriend were sitting with me right now, he would instantly point out my nervous giggling, which apparently always happens every time somebody mentions my blog. (It's all nice and flattering, but mostly, I feel awkward.)

I never know how to answer these things, so excuse me if I come off a little manic in the post, haha. Head on over here to check out the whole thing!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

my slice of heaven

white button down top from Gap, jeans from True Religion, belt from Zara, hat from YRYS, tortoise glasses from Whipped Tee Couture, weaved rucksack from Playground Love Shop, shoes from eBay

I remember back in high school, before going up to the music room for Glee Club practice (yes, I was part of Glee Club!), my friend Coco and I would take a walk in the school field to watch the clouds. We'd make out all sorts of objects, animals, and people from the clouds, watch them change from one shape to another, and just stare up transfixed at the sky. It was a fun and relaxing way to kill time.

Today, I thought the weather was perfect for this, but I was only able to appreciate it for a few minutes before I had to drive off somewhere. It would've been nice to lie down on the grass and simply take in the beauty of the sky for a longer period though. Cheesy, but it really is a wonderful pastime. I'll have to make sure to do it more often from now on.

I think the sky, the clouds, and the concept of heaven are fascinating, which is probably an explanation as to why I decided on the name for this blog, and why I wear blue and white almost every time. Who knows.

In other but semi-related news, Convi's been teasing me and saying that he's going to create a blog named "plane ride under the sea" or something. I find this mockery mildly annoying, amusing, and incredibly cute all at once. And I think he'll actually do it, haha!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ah, we fade to grey

I didn't realize it's been almost a month since I last updated this thing. September went by so quickly for me. I was pretty much zombified the whole time, I barely remember a thing that happened.

I mostly stressed over school and final exams, but I got that over and done with last week. I've actually been on vacation since Thursday. Unfortunately, it isn't really any fun when I'm the only one who's on a break, so I've just been holed up at home lately, eating whatever I can find in our pantry, getting around to reading my stack of unfinished and unopened books, playing with my baby nephew, wasting away in front of my laptop, sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping.

I'll be back to school again on Monday though, which is a bummer, because my boyfriend's semestral break starts next week. Ah well, we get by.

How are you?