Monday, December 13, 2010


Laziest outfit ever: over sized sweater from Archive Clothing, white Mary Janes from Muji, bag from Zara, heart ring from Ring Apartment

Ollo (vague Megamind reference for you there)! Since Gela is currently in an epic battle with Me & My Katamari on the PSP, today's post will be written by me, Gela's loving boyfriend, trusty photographer, and number one fan, Convi (see above photo of strapping young fellow overly excited by the sight of a white Christmas tree)!

I planned to surprise her last Saturday by treating her to an early monthsary lunch date at this new restaurant I heard of on the radio -- The Real Thing Diner over at Il Terrazzo in Tomas Morato. I think it's the first Coca-Cola themed restaurant in the country, and the dishes include Coca-Cola products as ingredients! The store displays all sorts of trinkets and merchandise, a lot of them featuring those lovable, fluffy polar bears and their bizarre (and probably unhealthy) fondness for Coke.

The rest of the afternoon was spent window shopping for wax seals at Eastwood Mall, where we ended up in CCA Kitchen for dinner, due in large part to the "splurge on salad" that comes with every entree. For clarification: unlike Gela, I am actually capable of consuming uncooked vegetative matter, especially when combined with loads of their delectable Asian dressing, plus croutons and fried wanton chips stolen from the soup bar.

After eating, we went back to her place to continue our lives as the world's most boring couple, mostly watching downloads of 30 Rock (ME WANT FOOD!).

The Real Thing Diner

A placemat! The whole restaurant coincidentally matched Gela's outfit.

Also, look: CHOOKIES!

Strawberry Milkshake

Spicy Sarsi Wings

Sarsi Fish N' Chips

Ginger Sprite Tiger Prawns LITTLE SHRIMP THINGIES

CCA Kitchen

Cheese Sticks

Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Prawns (note: this is what real REAL prawns look like)

Le Cordon Bleu Chicken

Surprisingly, both meals cost roughly the same amount. Now which one would you rather spend on?

P.S. We also tried fried chicken and waffles the other day at Pancake House, which I throughly enjoyed, but that's another story/argument.

P.P.S. Hey guys, this is Gela. Sorry you had to go through that possibly painful experience, hahaha. I was busy playing my game and eating peanuts, so I told Convi he could write my post. I DIDN'T THINK HE WOULD TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY. (Like that time he hijacked my Looklet.) Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the stupid title. Also, CHOOKIES!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

thank goodness for friends & coffee dates

(Some photos grabbed from my friend Cai. Thanks again for the White Chocolate Mocha, love!)

December 2, 2010 was bad. I won't even bother going into details. It was just too messed up for words. I'm still recovering, but I guess a new world is waiting for me. Here's to hoping for the best!

Ukay Manila gift cards

Seventeen days till Christmas, everybody! Still not done with your gift shopping? (I haven't even started yet, honestly.) Well, here's an idea brought to us by one of my favorite online boutiques. Ukay Manila just launched their brand spanking new gift cards, and I think it's just the perfect present to give to your mom, your sister, and your girl friends this holiday season. I'm sure they'll be excited to scout through the store and pick out their favorites themselves. It'll save you the headache, too!

For more details, check out this post over at the Ukay Manila blog, and just head on over to the Gift Cards section of the store when you're ready!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

how to wear jeans

I was so thrilled last week when bridal gown designer Michi Calica asked me to style a few outfits for a bloggers event she and her sister, the lovely ladies behind Sisters On Style, hosted with Meralco last Friday. I had to come up with five different ways of wearing jeans, which I was supposed to briefly talk about at the event, but was unable to due to conflicting schedules. So, instead, I sent Michi pictures to use for her presentation, and thankfully, she said the audience enjoyed the segment. Yay! Congratulations to them on a successful event!

I had so much fun dressing up, and I thought I'd share with you guys what I'd put together! Which look would you go for?

Outfit #1: geek chic

cuffed True Religion jeans, thrifted floral button down top, salmon pink woven belt from What A Girl Wants, thrifted leather bag, glasses from Folded & Hung, nude pink Oxfords from Archive Clothing

Outfit #2: bohemian

True Religion jeans tucked inside booties, pink top/mini-dress from Promod, thrifted cream lace cover up, floral bag, peacock plume headband from birdbaths on Etsy, necklace from Ukay Manila, mahogany booties from Dressed to the Nines

Outift #3: casual glam

jeans from True Religion, silver dress turned top from Landmark, black blowler hat from What A Girl Wants, black wedges from Schu, black bag from Topshop, necklace from Peppered Cherry

Outfit #4: tough & edgy

cuffed True Relgion jeans, striped bodysuit from Cotton On (underneath), black tank top from Topshop, sequined beret from Topshop, glasses from Greenhills, rings from Forever 21, thrifted floral bag, black socks, boots from eBay

Outfit #5: simple & classic

cuffed True Religion jeans, white button down top from Gap, jacket from Regatta, woven bag from H&M, white boat shoes from Ichigo