Sunday, February 6, 2011

our favorite parking spot

Topshop tube tunic top, poncho, Forever21 high waist flare jeans, Virtual Mae clogs, peacock plume headband from birdbaths on Etsy, bow necklace from Eunicena, flower ring from Cai, Max & Co. leather bag from kingstone179 on eBay

I recently bought these high waist flare jeans from Forever 21. I think I got too excited when I was trying them on at the store, because I never realized they were too long for me. I wore them with flat sandals the other day, because I had to spend the day helping out at a shoot, but since the pants were long/I'm short, I had to fold them up, which totally defeated the purpose of the flare. Hahaha fail. Good thing I brought clogs to change in the evening, so I think the pants looked better then. /end ~fashen~ rant

After work last Friday, I met up with Convi at Eastwood to watch Tangled. I thought the movie was a really nice throwback to old school Disney! I can't say that it's on par with the classics, but it did, in some way, bring back the same magic and humor of the previous princess movies. I definitely enjoyed it better than The Princess and the Frog, at least. Plus, it didn't hurt that Zachary Levi did the voice of Flynn, because apart from doing a great job with the voice acting, he's Chuck and I love him. <3

Sorry for the frizzy hair, sweaty face, and slightly constipated look (I had a long day). I don't know what's going on in these photos, but this is our favorite wall near our favorite parking spot. For some reason, the parking gods would always leave this particular spot empty for us whenever we're at Eastwood. Even when everywhere else is full, this one never fails us, and it's pretty near the entrance, too! Funny. Oh, Eastwood and your poorly designed underground parking area.

Anyway, Valentine's Day is in a week! Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying the commercial hype, so we joined in on the cheesiness at Me & U. Ewwww.


  1. wow i love it, you're so hippie im in love with your style <3

  2. you look so cute! i love the look!!
    i'm glad you enjoyed tangled!!!

    valentines day. . . ..

  3. I loveee this outfit!
    I love how flared jeans are coming back! :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  4. Your jeans are great! Love it with the poncho. :)


  5. i love the jeans and you look totally adorbz in that poncho!

  6. Amazing poncho!


  7. love the bootleg pants on you! and the poncho is pretty cute too! ah, the last time i wore one was way way back in high school. :)

    looking great and happy as always!

  8. You look like a cute native Indian girl! :) Or you look like a modern Pocahontas :)

  9. stopped by and visited.. love the style :)

  10. You look like Pocahontas! So pretty!

    You guys are such an adorable couple! Advance happy valentines! :)

    Ninin of the two miss fits

  11. thank you darling! you look so pretty love the flared pants!! x

  12. love this outfit !