Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a few of my favorite things

taking pictures of clouds

glorious food

1. Chicken Pesto Sandwich from Sugarhouse, 2-3. Grilled Salmon w/ Spinach Cream Sauce & Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs from Burgoo, 4. Sushi Just kidding. I don't like sushi, but I like buffets! This was at Sambo Kojin, 5. Froot Loops!

lazy hair days


1. adorable sea creatures at Sugarhouse, 2-3. my boyfriend's drawing of a tree vs. my pretentious artsy tree

his dimples (yihee!)

recycling clothes & newfound spots for photo ops

A boobier version of this outfit. Boyfriend approves. Plus, yay for candy-colored walls!

& also, flowers!

I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

take two blue, now goodnight

Gap button down top, Regatta jeggings, YRYS hat, Forever21 tote bag, scarf from my mom, bow ring from Eunicena (thanks, babe! :3), Renegade Folk platform clogs

update on the past few weeks
  • My older sister and only sibling, Kristha, got married last February 26. It was a pretty big and hyped up wedding, and as the maid of honor, I had to help out with a lot of the nitty gritty details. We had around 50 relatives who came over, too, from all over the country and the world, who we had to fit inside our dinky house. It was hectic, but definitely a whole lot of fun! Not to mention the wonderful boxes of cholesterol in the form of lechon and chicharon that came with our Cebu tribes. What a crazy week that was! Even though I felt harassed for the most part, I think the couple had the time of their life on their big day, and that makes me happy and fulfilled!
  • I also recently got a full-time job. Remember that magazine I'd been interning for? Two weeks ago, they suddenly offered me a position as an Editorial Assistant/Fashion Assistant! Wow. It fell on my lap just like that! Of course, I had to say yes! Plus, I really like the casual and flexible work environment, my nice co-workers and bosses, and the general excitement of being part of the whole creative process behind a magazine. I'm still learning the ropes and everything, but knowing people trust that you can do good in something is excellent motivation to do even better. I hope to do my best!
  • In other news, I lost a beanie and my favorite hat. :( I was so heartbroken when I couldn't find them anywhere around the house. I even had Convi look around his family's condo and inside his car, but they were nowhere to be found. Luckily, I discovered these two lovely gems at the Archaeology section in Power Plant Mall to replace them with, so I'm nearly over the loss. Anyway, here are some of the goodies piled up in my room lately!
new goodies

1. Flair for Drama pants, 2-3. Pink Panther giveaway (thanks a bunch to Gia Q of Love Letter to the Moon, Dear Darla, and Q Vintage Fashion Finds!) 4. Cosmopolitan hats

also, quick thanks

Check out's 31 Days of Style: The Best of Style Files! I'm on it! Extremely humbled to be part of the list with these stylish folks. Some of them are my personal favorites, and I know a lot of girls look up to them as well, so I'm very honored! Actually, I'm surprised to even be on a list. Thank you, Candy!

Et c'est tout! Have a fantastic week ahead! Start your days with a smile and a random act of kind. :)