Monday, August 22, 2011

three's a charm

The Ramp corset, Tsubaki skirt, Zara sandals, H&M bag, Forever 21 earrings, Banana Republic bracelets

I know I sometimes say that Convi and I are a boring couple, but we're really not. We have the time of our lives when we're together, and there's never a dull moment. In fact, we're always laughing, even when there isn't anything funny. Okay, this makes us sound totally crazy, but I'm not even exaggerating! What I treasure the most, however, after about eight years of friendship and (officially) three years of being a couple, are the sweet and tender moments that happen unexpectedly.

Last Tuesday, the night before our actual anniversary, thinking that he was very busy with school, I got a surprise text from Convi saying that he was right outside my house. Excited, I went to open the front door for him. When I got outside, he suddenly appears with a ukelele in his hands singing Jason Mraz and then something about an angel, and oh god, I just melted into a puddle right then and there. The kicker: he actually doesn't play any musical instrument, and learned the ukelele from his friend at school on that same day while studying for an exam. I never thought in a million years that I'd be serenaded to, that he'd serenade me. I'm positively spoiled now, and have been wanting him to sing to me every night since then.

My present to him? Well, he's in his last year of college and dying over thesis, SO I made him a... Thesis Survival Kit. HAHA, IT'S SO LAME, I KNOW. We both couldn't stop laughing (see!) when I showed it to him. Of course, he loved it. Never mind what's inside, though.

On the 17th, we capped off our anniversary the best way we knew how, which was by surrounding ourselves with glorious food. We decided to have lunch at this lovely new restaurant in Greenstreet Capitol Hills called Stacy's. We had initially planned on going to a fancier, more conventionally romantic place, but frankly, we're not really the fine dining types. We're more into the laid-back, happy, and quirky kind of date places, where we wouldn't have to worry about proper posture, which of the forks to use, or breaking our budget as much. Stacy's seemed to fit the bill perfectly!

Apart from the charming decorations and delightful atmosphere that reminded me of Pushing Daisies (don't know what I'm talking about? Educate yourself!!!), the food was pretty good and surprisingly filling, despite our initial reservations of the serving size. Maybe I was just in a particularly chipper mood that day, but I felt like my meal consisted of sunshine and fluffy clouds. It probably did!

What we ordered: Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup, Texas Barbeque Ribs (Convi's), and Big Bangers Breakfast (mine). Per table, they also served a complimentary bucket of popcorn, marshmallows, and pretzel cookies for starters, and then blast from the past Peter's Butter Ball candies for afters. They really added to the whole charm of the place and brought out the little kids in us!

This is gonna come off a bit cheesy, but I'm saying this without bias (meaning I'm not getting paid to blog about them or whatever): you can't help but leave Stacy's with a big smile on your face. It's probably my favorite date place thus far, and Convi and I can't wait to go back to try other items on their menu!

Now I feel like watching Pushing Daisies again...