Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i'm an extraordinary machine

Zara dress, H&M cardigan, sister's socks, Mango booties, Rustan's bracelet

I'm always so bungisngis in my photos. I wonder if people are getting tired of seeing my teeth all the time. It's the only way I know how to werk my thaaang, so unfortunately, you're stuck with my Cheshire grin indefinitely. I cannot do those fierce fashyown poses with a straight face! It was such a struggle for me to do the next shot. I have to show my teeth!!! Hahaha. Besides, don't they say that your smile is your best accessory? So, smile, people! Let's not take things too seriously. :D

Anyway, I wore this to a job interview this afternoon. Funny and embarrassing moment: the swivel chair I was sitting on kept going down on its own and I kinda squeaked "help!" to the interviewer. Hahahaha! Oh, god. Other than that, I feel really good about the whole thing. I can't tell any more until I sign an actual contract, but I'm hoping for good news to come very soon!


  1. Hi, Gela! I love bungisngis people! haha Btw, nice collar bones and the dress suits you!If you don't mind may pagkakahawig ka kay Isabella Gonzalez, daughter of Kuh Ledesma. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_SE8q95A_dZM/TMU1AG2bkPI/AAAAAAAAAQw/1TpEgbdVCTs/s1600/Isabella+Gonzalez.JPG


  2. Cute dress, love the back!

  3. You're so pretty! Nakakainis! Haha. I wish I could rock hair like that!


  4. bungisngis or antm fierce pose, guapa gihapon Gela! you have a beautifully chiseled face!

    perfumed red shoes

  5. I think smiles make pictures look better! Love our outfit!


  6. True-laloo! I think I'm mataray enough when I'm not smiling, so I always show my (crooked) teeth whenever pictures are to be taken :)) Don't stop smiling!

    Almira :)

  7. the dress is pretty, but the way you wore it with those shoes makes this outfit so personal and stylish! i love it!

    re: your comment was really flattering, thanks so much <3


  8. Wow, that's one stylish way of going to an interview. I'm sure you made a good impression--I mean, by the outfit alone! Haha! Good luck :>

  9. Great dress! You have a nice smile! I just found your blog and I think it's really cute! I hope you will be able to check out my blog too, it's a personal style and fashion blog from England. I would love it if you could stop by! Thanks! :) :)


  10. Gela! I wish for the best for you. I hope you do get the job. :) And no, I won't get tired of your smile. You have such great teeth kaya! So bungisngis lang all the waaay! :D I always smile din eh, with teeth showing! The fierce look, madali lang yun. Parang galit lang kunwari. Haha.

    Melai of Style and Soul

  11. I love your smile... and your hair. I used to sport a short, awesome 'do like yours a few years back.

    And of course, I love your dress.

  12. I realize I haven't been here for so long! You have short hair now! You are so rockin' the short 'do! Happy new year Gela!

  13. i love the term bungisngis.. kasi ako din mahilig mag super smile sa picture :)
    btw i love your dress and its so cute you mix with the booties :)
    take care and hope you're having a great weekend.
    greetings from italy.xoxo, Haus of Gala

  14. i LOVE your smile so don't ever stop doing it...<3
    your story about the interview chair is soooo funny...LOL. i can just picture out how awkward it is.. but i hope you aced it though...good luck! <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  15. hi gela!

    you look so cute when your doing your bungisngis. :D how do you fix your hair like that? its awesome!

    love, kat

  16. OMG love your dress, and you are so beautiful!!


  17. you look great in that dress! :D

  18. BUt your bungisngis is one of your best features! :P So yeah, smile away :)