Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spoonful of Sugar (+ a giveaway!)

What cheers you up on a bad day? For me, a cupcake or two really does the trick. Not only do cupcakes give me an instant sugar rush, but the cute and colorful decorations never fail to put a smile on my face, too. Unless you're not a dessert person (and if so, I'm really sad for you), I'm pretty sure you feel the same way as I do.

Spoonful of Sugar gives you the home-baked goodness you look for and find comforting in a cupcake, plus with little surprises along the way. Assured with the best and finest quality of ingredients, the cupcakes are made fresh every day with an extra dollop of love, maybe a dash of rainbows and unicorns, and blessed with a bit of Mary Poppins magic. I'm the worst food critic, and I don't know how else to properly describe their cupcakes except YUMMY!, but I promise that I'm saying this in the most unbiased way I possibly can.

My top three personal favorites among the eight flavors that I tried: Red Velveteen, Molten Choco Lava, and Milky Vanilla. The cupcakes are made with just the perfect texture -- soft and moist. They're not too sweet and overpowering, and each flavor perfectly complements the taste of the creamy frosting. Going through each and every one made me wish that it would never end!

Thanks to the lovely Patti of Spoonful of Sugar, I'm sharing the happiness to you guys! We're giving away a delicious batch of cupcakes each to two of my lucky readers! If you have a sweet tooth, like me, you definitely wouldn't want to miss out on this. Hey, it's free food. I'd join if I didn't already gobble up a whole box, haha!

The mechanics:
  1. (optional) Follow me on Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin, and/or Twitter.
  2. Like Spoonful of Sugar on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter.
  3. Tweet this: "Just a @spoonfulofsugah makes the medicine go down! Check out by @gelatomique for a chance to get free cupcakes!" Don't forget to mention @spoonfulofsugah and @gelatomique to make your entries count. If your account is protected, send me a screen shot of your tweet. E-mail it to
  4. There will be two winners: one for a box of 6 and another for a box of 12. Winners will be chosen via on May 3, 2012 (Thursday).
  5. Important note: the giveaway is open to Metro Manila residents only.

Spoonful of Sugar is available at Moonleaf Tea Shop (Don Antonio and Moonleaf Sgt. Esguerra branches) and Kapeko Den (UST University Tower). For orders and inquiries, you may e-mail them at Head on over to their Facebook page and Twitter account for more updates.


  1. The cupcakes look so delicious! My sister's addicted to cupcakes and I think she'll like this. I'll suggest Spoonful of Sugar to her. :)

  2. Yum! What a sweet giveaway. Done it all from 1 to 4. :)

  3. YUMMY!!!

  4. I did everything! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  5. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  6. Such a SWEET giveaway~!!! All of these little cupcakes look super yum =)


  7. I love those cupcakes! Lemme try eat <3

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  10. Joined!!!

    @katriniszm on twitter!