Thursday, June 21, 2012

a little bit of what we do in school: welcome to the 60's (part 2)

thrifted dress, Bass boots, Gera earrings

The late 1960's paved way to a revolution wherein the hippies dominated and pushed for a political movement that fostered peace and love. It was also a time when women became increasingly aware of their sexuality, which they expressed through fashion by showing more and more skin than ever before in the form of shorter hemlines and sporting higher boot lengths to accentuate the legs.

Part deux of my 60's project introduces the birth of the flower child and the go-go boots. I wanted to work around these style phenomenons to come up with a look that represented the decade very well, but still quite relevant to today.

At the last stop of our ukay-ukay trip, I discovered the most gorgeous little frock that fit my concept of the 60's perfectly. This floral off-shoulder dress with flared sleeves was an instant love! I found it really unique and immediately grabbed it off the rack without even thinking twice (or at all). It was also a no-brainer to pair it with my long-ignored and neglected leather high boots, which, luckily, blended nicely with the dress to create an interesting combination of hippie and mod. All that was missing was a garland of flowers in my hair, and you'd have thought I came straight from Woodstock in a time machine!

So, what do you think? Do you like this one or the first outfit better? :)


  1. i love your dress!!
    you are just like an spain danser

  2. Hello Gela! This look is just lovely. You are rocking that 'do!

  3. Great dress!

    xo Jennifer

  4. sweet look :)

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    Thank youuu :)


  5. okay...first, you are GORGEOUS! second, that dress is so amaze! Perfect for summer :)


  6. i love the outfit gela!!! so 60's indeed :)

  7. love the print
    and the boots look great with it
    I'm in love with the 60's

  8. i think i like both outfits equally because the dress just looks so good on you!


  9. Don't get mad at me ok? It is a cute dress but make you look bigger and shorter not the best one for you