Sunday, June 10, 2012

a little bit of what we do in school: welcome to the 60's (part 1)

thrifted mini dress, shoes from eBay, lace cloche hat

Another interesting project we recently did for school was to interpret fashion of the previous decades using clothes from thrift shops or what is known in the Philippines as ukay-ukay. I was assigned to the swinging 60's, which I find has one of the most fun and vibrant trends in history.

After going through just a few racks inside the first store we went to, I discovered this lovely dress tucked in a lonely corner. The bright and colorful patterns instantly caught my eye, and I thought it was simply perfect for my theme. I was even more psyched when I managed to snag it for less than P100! What a treat! I completed the whole look with a pair of vintage shoes and an adorable lace cloche hat for that extra babydoll cuteness. I felt very groovy indeed whilst trying my best to channel my inner Twiggy.


  1. The dress is so cute! Looks good on you. :)

  2. hello i love your dress so FunkY!!!
    check out my new post its about my friend's music video and it would be great if you could give your impression :

  3. You are so lively and colorful!!! ...which is my frustration, because I always find myself leaning towards black and any dark thing. LOL. Surreal and sensual? Hahah dunno XD

  4. Love!

    xo Jennifer

  5. retro never fails to bring a curve on anyone's lips. How interesting that you're getting to do what you enjoy. Projects like these wouldn't seem boring, sounds very fun.

  6. that's a very pretty dress, Gela! you are beautiful as always!

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