Sunday, July 1, 2012

forget about the sugar

American Rag top, Cotton On bandage skirt, Asian Vogue Shop wedges, Maris leaf earring, Forever 21 bangles, heart ring from Eastwood bazaar

Add some spice instead!

I personally think it's okay to show a bit of skin and flaunt your sexuality sometimes -- if done in a tasteful, subtle, and visually appealing way, that is! I do tend to feel sexier and more confident in certain clothes, and this tiny skirt and this playful, peek-a-boo top do just the trick. In a sense, expressing myself through what I wear is a way of reminding myself that, although I'm not perfect, I'm not the skinniest nor the prettiest nor the most pleasant person to be around with, hey, it's okay to be me. It's part of the journey to self-love, and who says I can't have a little fun along the way?

So, what makes you feel sexy? Maybe take that out for a spin, and be a little freaky and provocative. Just a little bit! It's okay!


  1. I agree. But it totally has to be done with taste, otherwise it's just hard to even look at as an observer, you know what i mean? But I love this outfit here. Those shoes are GREAT and the color of that skirt is awesome.

  2. I love your top it really matches with your skirt :) Nice pictures by the way :>


  3. Great top, you look amazing! x

  4. You look adorable love your top

  5. I love your top, Gela! You look gorgeous!

  6. AMEN to that! Keep that state of mind. ;)

    Your top is just (!!!!) ♥

  7. Love that top!

    xo Jennifer

  8. Love the colors and aztec printed top! :D

    Fierce and fun. Gorgeous!!! :)

  9. You look amazing and it truly shows in how you carry yourself.

  10. i love style!!I can totally relate!!:)) i love EVERYTHING HERE!