Monday, September 3, 2012

the sun will always come again

Much like the transition of seasons, my past couple of weeks have been dedicated to adjusting to change. I usually don't handle change very well. Those who really know me understand that I easily freak out and visibly shake when I'm pushed out of my orbit. When it comes to newness, it takes a lot out of me to mentally and emotionally prepare.

In a way, I've been going through my own autumn -- trying to make way for rebirth and growth. I've been building a fresh set of attitudes and allowing myself to look at things from different perspectives, and it seems to be helping me grasp which direction this journey is leading me. I don't know if it's the right one, but at least I'm going somewhere and learning along the way. I'm scared out of my wits, strangely excited, and inspired all at once.

Here's to never giving up on yourself and to more chances of being a better you.


  1. lovely photos!

  2. Great pictures! =)

  3. lovely revelations (:



  4. Cheers Gela! Im excited for news regarding the change in your life ;) Being scared is good - it means we have something we fear to lose - which in turn will make us more thankful and aware of what we should value :) Whatever it is - I'm sure you'll come out better , wiser and stronger!

    The Misty Mom

  5. I'm also scared of change! But as they say, it's the only thing that's constant. Everything will always turn out fine though ;)

    Lovely photos btw!

  6. hello gela! i've missed you…

    this post expresses my current sentiments about what's been happening to my life lately…i wanted to write about giving up and when to hold on my latest post but i couldn't find the words. your last line, "don't give up on yourself.." woke me up…<3

    ps. truths and faqs post -- LOVE IT!

    pps. so, "what is your most embarrassing outfit ever?"

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