Monday, July 23, 2012

rainy days & Mondays

Zara sweater, Regatta jeggings, Sperry loafers, Forever 21 beanie & earrings, thrifted leather tote bag

The weather here in Manila has been quite gloomy the past couple of days, and it's been making me feel terribly drowsy and lazy. It's less wet and just a little bit cloudy today, but still, my bed remains to be extra inviting. I've been waking up in a chilly, dark bedroom, underneath my warm, fluffy, overpowering blanket, with the sound of the entrancing pitter-patter of the rain on the roof stuck in my head, and this hasn't been any help at all to get me off my butt. Ugh. What a really bad combination to a dreadful Mondays like this one. All I ever want to do lately is stay snuggled up with a hot cup of Swiss Miss and re-watch Friends episodes.

Alas, the real world beckons. I have to manage to put a smile on my face and trudge along somehow. I guess a nice, cozy sweater will have to do in exchange of my tempting pillows and soft sheets.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

such a spacy little girl

American Rag gingham top w/ lace detail back, Forever 21 achor print pants, Lulu Swing flats, H&M flower hair clip, Folded & Hung eyeglasses

That thunderstorm around you is bound to mess up those
That bravely try to get to you and step upon your toes.
Do what you have to do. Go where you have to go.
All your destiny and your destination it’s all that you should know.

(Marie - Solveig Sandes)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

truths & faqs

It's so easy to fall in love with pretty girls, good-looking guys, and talented people on the Internet with their perfect hair, perfect make-up, perfect outfits, perfect photos, perfect jobs, a.k.a perfect lives, basically. You can't help but wish they were your friend or to actually be in their shoes for at least a day. I, myself, have a list of people that I secretly fan girl over regularly. I once dreamt that five of my online girl crushes threw me a surprise birthday party. (Aaaaahhh!!!)

But let's get real here for a second. From what I notice, probably about 90% of things we post on our blogs? Pointless and shallow pieces of information that are only a small part of the tip of the iceberg. They're just a hodgepodge of messy ramblings and unnecessary material that barely say anything about who we are as persons. What makes her laugh to tears? What are his worst fears? Why is she sad, and what cheers her up?

Can I honestly say that I've been 100% truthful and completely myself on my own blog? Hell no. I wouldn't want to bore anybody with my whole birth to present life story, and I certainly wouldn't want to scare them off with my crazy bitch alter ego. Plus, my hair looks absolutely terrible without any product on! There are things that I like and should keep to myself. Although I try to be as candid and as natural as I can, I still choose my words and plan what to put here carefully and thoughtfully. In fact, I have to type everything up on Word before I go on Blogger, and then it takes me forever to click "publish post" because I read and reread and constantly edit. At times, I shamefully end with this thought: "Will people still like me after this post?"

Anything can be sensationalized and blown out of proportion. Half, if not most, of what you see online have been "enhanced" in one way or another simply to please. Because, well, no matter how many times we say bullshit about how "I'm doing this for myself" or "it's for self-expression", we have to admit that the followers -- the "fans" -- they do help drive, motivate, and inspire us. They keep us going.

Which brings me to this: what ever happened to the spirit of interaction and community in blogging? Have we taken the time to really get to know the person behind a blog? The person behind a comment? Do we even care? And so, I'd like to propose this: leave a comment/tweet/e-mail/FB message/whatever-except-stalk a blogger or a reader and ask them something (anything, as long as it isn't out of line!) you've always wondered about them. Preferably something outside of their normal blog topics. If you're approaching a fashion blogger, ask about their most embarrassing, ugliest experience. If a food blogger, ask about their childhood. Be random and creative. I think the opportunity of getting to know more about another human being and reading a tiny bit of their story, even if they're miles away and a total stranger, is the best thing about the world of blogging.

Of course, I'd love to know more about you, dear reader/fellow blogger! So, tell me this: "Who or what were you in your past life?" I've always thought of myself as either an ancient Egyptian princess or a housewife in the 50's. What about you? :)

Also, if you'd like to leave a question or two for me to answer, they're very much welcome, too. Maybe I'll answer them in a video next time!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Candy Magazine, July 2012: All the Rage

Grab a copy of Candy Magazine's July 2012 issue, turn to page 20, and check out the story on global trendsetters. I'm in it! They featured an old outfit, but I'd say it's probably one of my best ones. Plus, I'm more than thrilled to be included with a few of my favorite international style bloggers! What an honor!

Thanks, Sam and the rest of the Candy team! You rock! :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

forget about the sugar

American Rag top, Cotton On bandage skirt, Asian Vogue Shop wedges, Maris leaf earring, Forever 21 bangles, heart ring from Eastwood bazaar

Add some spice instead!

I personally think it's okay to show a bit of skin and flaunt your sexuality sometimes -- if done in a tasteful, subtle, and visually appealing way, that is! I do tend to feel sexier and more confident in certain clothes, and this tiny skirt and this playful, peek-a-boo top do just the trick. In a sense, expressing myself through what I wear is a way of reminding myself that, although I'm not perfect, I'm not the skinniest nor the prettiest nor the most pleasant person to be around with, hey, it's okay to be me. It's part of the journey to self-love, and who says I can't have a little fun along the way?

So, what makes you feel sexy? Maybe take that out for a spin, and be a little freaky and provocative. Just a little bit! It's okay!