Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the sisterhood of the travelling moustache

I asked my pretty friends Allie, Carz, and Nikki to pose for me for a photo series project I'm doing for my Digital Photography class. I had them wear my furry stick-on moustache, which they willingly and gladly complied with, and just let them have fun with it. I know it's incredibly hipster (ugggghhh!!!) and overrated, but there's no use denying its effectiveness. Hey, I got fast results!

I love these girls. They're such a chill bunch. They're always smiling, and they do things so effortlessly. I don't think I've ever seen them having a bad day. Plus, they make fake facial hair look absolutely attractive, don't you think? Maybe I should've had them wear the sideburns and the thick eyebrows, too?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

got the time for a little bit of luxury

black backless dress w/ slits on sleeves, nude pumps, clutch bag, chandelier earrings, bangles, cocktail ring -- all from Forever 21

It's a shame people don't throw fancy balls and black tie events all the time (apart from maybe weddings or debutante parties), because I always find dressing up for cocktails and formal occasions much more exciting. It's a fun challenge to still stand out and look sophisticated while adhering to a dress code at the same time. What I enjoy most about attending such events is observing the guests and how they carry themselves during these supposedly reserved and refined social gatherings. Especially now that we tend to veer away from tradition and sometimes don't even bother with proper etiquette, these parties prove to have very interesting and amusing results.

Although we're far from a prim and proper generation, it's always good to inject some charm, elegance, and grace in everything we do. Before abusing that open bar and letting loose on the dance floor, let's try not to throw manners and respect out the window. Remember, ladies and gentlemen: keep calm and stay classy! On the other hand, it's all right to make a fool of yourself, too. It'll make a great conversation piece in the future. :D

It doesn't cost a fortune when the fortune pays for me,
'Cause I'm a woman with taste and a girl with true ambition.

(Black Limousine -- Dragonette)

Friday, August 10, 2012

beyond the gray sky

United Colors of Benneton sweater, Tango skirt, Muji socks, Schu booties, What A Girl Wants bowler hat, Forever 21 hoop earrings, Cava bag

Through darkness and adversities, the Filipinos always seem to remain resilient and manage to find something to smile about. We're still in the process of rescue, relief, and recovery from the widespread flooding caused by the monsoon rains of the past couple of days, but we're a brave and strong bunch. I'm confident we will continue rising above this difficult period together. Hopefully, we also take this as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, and help build a better nation and a safer environment for one another.

If you would like to donate and be part of the relief campaigns for the victims of the calamity, here is a list of evacuation and relief operations centers and organizations you can refer to.

In hopes of better and brighter days, I come bearing an outfit, albeit another rainy day one, from Monday. Because of the terrible weather, most schools and offices have suspended classes and work here in Manila this week, so I haven't really had much opportunity to dress up or get out of the house at all. Although, on dreary and gloomy days, like the past couple of days, I honestly don't even have the drive and motivation to do anything, which, I guess, is one of the reasons why I've been a little quiet here lately. The weather has been such a downer!

But we're all trying to get back to regular programming and move forward, so let's get on with the show, shall we? I'm praying the sun peeks its way through and finally comes out to play for a longer time!