Monday, July 8, 2013

meet Arthur

Woof! I'm Arthur, a Yorkshire Terrier. Sometimes they call me King Arthur, Arturo, Booboo, Bubba, Bebehboi, and a bunch of other weird names, but I don't really care what they call me as long as they play with me and rub my tummy. I'm eight months old, which is nine years in human age. My human got me when I was two months and about the size of her hand. With my two ears flopped down, I gave her my most adorable, "pity me" look that she had no choice but to adopt me right then and there. I'm pretty irresistible, you see. 

I remember the first time she took me home. She thought I was a quiet, well-behaved pup, but I sure fooled her! I was running around the house and gnawing at her fingers and toes in no time. But she knows I do it out of love. I'm really just an excitable little thing. Every time my human comes home from wherever she goes to when she's not spending time with me, I noisily jump up and down my tiny crate, eager for her to scoop me up for hugs and kisses. It also means playtime!

You'll find that I'm incredibly lovable, even if my human complains about how I'm mostly very naughty. She's such a drama queen and so much fun to annoy.


  1. great!

  2. I love arthur! it's great to finally meet him in person! :) He's super friendly

    1. hi, Merri! hope we bump into you again! :D